Video SEO Optimization

There a numerous new techniques that franchise companies can adopt to increase their online presence and optimize their existing web sites. These include YouTube video marketing, presence on social media platforms, local business directory listings, and more. Creating new promotion videos or integrating exiting ones into your franchise web site will help you expand your online presence and earn you higher positions in search engine results. We can assist you in the most detailed aspects of web site design and optimization to help put your franchise ahead of its competition.

Videos optimized by Video SEO Optimization are a great way to gain additional exposure in several ways. Here are some of they ways videos and our team can help you:

  • Videos rank fairly quickly on Google and can be used for ranking targeted keywords
  • Video testimonials attract customers
  • You can piggyback on other popular video's keywords to gain additional traffic 
  • Videos help to promote your brand
  • Submit your video to RSS feeds and syndicate your videos to drive exposure across various online platforms and to optimize your videos even more.  
  • Optimize titles, tags, descriptions, provide transcripts, add links, and more to improve searchability, increase relevance and conversion
  • Social media provides you the opportunity to go viral

Check out some examples:

In this sample, see how we completely dominated this search for this client with the help of videos:

In this experiment, we used the keyword "backwards jingle bells" to take some traffic from an already existing video.