Now businesses are able to automate, customize and personalize videos in real-time to communicate with their customers. It can explain bills, generate leads, engage and attract customers. Leading brands, such as AT&T, Office Depot and Lenovo, are powering their personalized customer acquisition and engagement strategies with SmartVideo.   By engaging the consumer with contextually relevant, real-time information through the most captivating medium – video – brands can deliver engaging and effective one-to-one experiences at key touch points throughout the customer lifecycle. – See more here


Engaging customers in a personalized manner means tailoring experiences based on data and attributes that can be contextually relevant or truly personal to the individual. Profile, historical and situational attributes can all be leveraged within SmartVideos.

Real Time

SmartVideos are generated dynamically on the fly when the viewer clicks play. Whether played from an email, SMS or customer portal, SmartVideos ensure only the most recent account status, pricing and deals are featured.


There’s no limit to the number of SmartVideos that can be created. SmartVideos also play on mobile and tablet devices, and can optimize for efficient mobile content delivery and consumption with the inclusion or exclusion of scenes in real time.

Measurable & Optimized

A control-group methodology measures incremental lift from those who view a SmartVideo, and accounts for self-selection bias. Viewer behavior is tracked and analyzed in real time, ensuring SmartVideo performance can be continually fine-tuned and optimized.

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