Learn The Best Influencer Marketing Strategies With Zaful Affiliate Program

//Learn The Best Influencer Marketing Strategies With Zaful Affiliate Program

Learn The Best Influencer Marketing Strategies With Zaful Affiliate Program

Zaful is one of the best online fashion stores and people who are interested in fashion will have definitely heard of it. This company is well known for its excellent products and offers free shipping all over the world along with a money-back guarantee.

Zaful is also known for the fastest influencer program which reached one million users. When we talk about influencer marketing then there is a lesson we can learn from the one created by Zaful.

The Zaful Influencer Program

It is reliable and impressive and as mentioned above has created results very fast. This company has formed an association with FirstGrabber and this latter company is the most trusted name in the industry. This is what makes the Zaful influencer program more reliable. There are many other brands on FirstGrabber but ZAful is the best one that teaches how to launch a powerful influencer marketing strategy.

Anyone Can Join the Program

The company does not just include influencers but also welcomes agencies and individuals.

Influencers – Zaful particularly works with fashion influencers, but it is not so strict regarding who to include, and even if your niche is not fashion you can try to apply.

The best part is that influencers who have 2000 or more followers also get free clothes from Zaful. However, you will have to wear clothes and post videos or pictures of them along with tagging the company. Some even get sponsored by Zaful.

Agencies – there are a large number of services offered to agency accounts. These include API services, coupons, postback services, data feeds, banners, and videos. These services can be used to reach a wider audience without much effort on your part.

Individuals – the criteria for eligibility as an individual is quite simple in that all you need is a social media account. You can also request for free clothes but the company may not entertain all requests for free clothes.

There is a lot to learn from the influencer marketing strategy of Zaful which has grown its influencer marketing program 6 times bigger in the last three years or so. The company has broken the record with 37 thousand influencers worldwide.

Intelligent Data Systems

Here you can see that managing such a vast pool of influencers is very difficult and to overcome this the company has built its own internal CMMS system a few years earlier. This system can manage and track all the agencies and influencers and improve the efficiency in financial flow, archiving, contract record, and performance evaluation.

The other intelligent data system used by the company is the one that acts as the KPI detector. IT also evaluates the performance of every influencer and according to the influencer manager of Zaful – Claire Wang these tools make it much easier and efficient to collaborate with influencers with such tools at hand.

The company says that earlier all you could do was track the number of followers many of which were what is known as zombie followers who did not interact. On the other hand, now it is possible to see the brand impact, conversion rate, and the ability to reach the target audience of each influencer. This allows the company to adjust its cooperation model and strategy when necessary.

The Win-win Attitude in Partnership

 The importance of influencer marketing is rising because more and more millennial consumers consider the recommendations of their peers before making buying decisions. Here you need to understand that while influencer marketing is a boon it comes with its own set of challenges.

When it comes to collaborations across borders you may find it difficult to restrain the other party from breaking a contract, particularly for small deals. The influencer manager of Zaful Claire Wang has worked with agencies as well as individual influencers in the past few years.

Even though she has a lot of experience working with influencers and agencies there are still chances that the influencers can break the contract. It has happened with them earlier when the Zaful Instagram account was taken advantage of because it had about 3 million followers. There were the unfriendly influencers who tried to get more followers by smearing Zaful publicly. However, now they have the tools to keep track records and protect both sides. This, in turn, makes the collaboration smoother and simpler.

The company always aims at a win-win partnership in the long run and they have more than 37k influencers currently compared to 5k just a few years earlier. They are sure that they will not stop improving collaboration with influencers personally and professionally.

Zaful Affiliate Marketing Strategy in 2019

As the affiliate develops, in the case of Zaful it is growing into a system of high-value partnerships. This is an important step because earlier it was just add-on value for marketing organizations. Instead of traditional relationships, there is a rise in the concept of influencer marketing that is emerging as a rewarding career as well. The affiliates of Zaful are happy with the company and putting their best foot forward in order to enhance the sales and profitability of their affiliate marketing program which is now combined with the influencer marketing program.

According to the statistics of 2018 one-tenth of the sales achieved by Zaful came from affiliate marketing. The company then decided to launch international events and get engaged with their global partners. In the year 2019, they aimed at transforming the internal affiliate strategy and upgraded its content structure.

In the year 2019, they aimed at focusing their marketing on quality content with a high level of incentive policy in content networking. They also decided to integrate the affiliate marketing with influencer marketing and this strategy dramatically proved good results.


Over the years Zaful influencer program has proved to be one of the best influencer programs. Other companies can take a lesson from the book of Zaful in the way that they have grown their influencer marketing program along with affiliate marketing. The growth of Zaful as a renowned name in fashion clothing can be considered to be a result of smart influencer marketing strategies.

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