It’s easy to figure out the marketing value of Facebook groups, it really is. It’s tempting to find all sorts of random groups with lots of members and just blast out links.

Of course, this means that you have to create many different accounts and use sophisticated software. As you probably already know, Google blocks Facebook automation software. They come up with all sorts of schemes and detection patterns.

Back in the day, Facebook was very easy to cheat. It really was. You can run all sorts of bots and they pretty much trick Facebook all day every day. Well, thanks to Facebooks’ ever-changing algorithm as well as their ever-tightening security system, it’s become harder and harder to pull this off. That’s right, even if you create an organic following for your content using sites like BuySocialMediaMarketing you have to be careful.

Please understand that in no way am I saying that Facebook should be off-limits to you. I’m not making that claim. Instead, I’m saying the game has changed and you really have to be on top of your game for you to be able to pull the same amount of traffic results from Facebook today that you would’ve been able to get away with as recently as three years ago.

At the End of the Day

At the end of the day, the Facebook groups marketing satchels are pretty straightforward. You have to have your message in front of so many eyeballs that somehow, someway somebody will click and make you money.

Now, please understand that this is the most basic way to market on Facebook. The problem with this is the fact that you need a tremendous amount of volume for you to make real money off your Facebook campaigns. What if I told you that there is a better way? What if I told you that the standard practice of just sending out shotgun messages to try to get eyeballs from Facebook and try to somehow, someway convert them is really a waste of time?

Seriously, considering the tremendous amount of risk you’re taking as well as the resources that you have to put in place, the ROI or return on investment simply isn’t there. In fact, if you are really serious about it the return on effort may not be there as well.

Return on Effort Scheme

What is the return on effort? Well, it really boils down to spending as little time on something while making as many dollars from that activity, returns on effort.

What if I told you you should rather focus on something else when it comes to Facebook groups marketing? Otherwise, it’s very easy to suffer from negative return on effort. You might as well be spending five hours of your time every single day to get 30 minutes of value. Is that a good use of your time? Well, I know it isn’t for me. What if I told you there’s a better way to do Facebook groups marketing?

If you want to turbocharge the return on effort that you’re currently getting, pay close attention to the steps I’m about to share with you below.

Find Your Competitors on Facebook Groups or Pages

This should be fairly easy to do. Just type in the keywords that are most related to your target niche and find your competition.

Reverse Engineer What Your Competitors are Doing

This is pretty straightforward. In fact, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out. Just copy what they’re doing. Well, are they sharing funny stories? Are they sharing viral picture quotes? Do they focus primarily on videos? Understand what they’re doing and do the same thing.

Constantly Experiment with the Content that You are Producing and Sharing

Now here’s the secret, if you find what your competitors are doing and you find where they are in terms of Facebook pages and groups, don’t just copy their content. Don’t copy and paste, seriously. Instead, come up with your own version and keep experimenting to see which twist or which version of your revised content actually gains traction.

Scale Up Successful or Viral Content that You Produce

If you’re paying attention to your Metrics, you will know immediately which pieces of content have legs. Pay attention to those pieces of content that seem to spread and forget about everything else. Find more of that content. Create more of it and scale up your production.

Constantly fine-tune Your Conversion Funnel

Now you’re doing all of this for a reason. You’re not doing this for your health. You’re doing this so you can drive traffic to certain pages. Pay close attention to how much traffic those pages are getting. Fine-tune their conversions. This is the key to your efforts in trying to get more social media traffic.

By following the steps above and most importantly, investing in social signals on Facebook, like Facebook video views and Facebook comments and likes you can grow your organic following very quickly. The key is to keep tweaking the traffic flow and converting as much of that into cold, hard cash. That is the bottom-line. You need to have a mailing list to put this all together.