Genuine business growth is the result of a well-thought-out marketing plan and efficient use of budget. In this article, we’ll discuss marketing from a niche industry such as healthcare. These tips can also apply to other industries in which service the masses, keeping good customer service in mind.


Before moving forward, creating a plan and where you can spend money efficiently and wisely is most important. Analyze your competition, see what they are doing, and see if you can do it better. If you competition has more of a budget than you do,
take their keywords, and focus on organic growth, reviews, and your own efforts to spread your business on blogs, social media, directories, etc.

Customer Surveys

Short surveys work well to gain marketing insight.  You can learn a lot from patients and customers for example.  A quick four question survey can help to engage and collect feedback on how your business can improve.  Responding to surveys let patients and customers know you care.

Generate Publicity

Raising awareness about your business, or topics related to your niche industry, such as medical conditions in healthcare can spark conversation and even help your business to go viral.  Perhaps you are doing something different from the rest; perhaps you have a practice that can heal people in a unique way, or have an office with a unique setting; these characteristics can spark interest and trigger customers and potential customers to share on social media.

Welcome Letters

Welcome letters do not cost money other than the time spent in creating them.  They create hospitality and show the patient or customer that you care.  The small gesture goes a long way and provides great impact to your business in the way that they can generate better relationships with your patients and customers.

Use Analytics

Use analytics and research to refine audience demographics.  This information can help you to focus on areas that matter and the needs of your clients.  For example, if you were planning to expand your business to new areas, social media and traffic analytics may show what areas you receive more traffic.  Information such as that may give you a measured idea of where to expand next.

Work on and Track your Reputation Online

A simple search on your business can show you a lot about what people think of your practice and how established your business is.  Are you all over the Internet?  Does it look like you are doing better than the competition?  Do you have a lot of reviews that show favorable of your practice?  If you were an outside consumer, would you be convinced?

Take your Business Online

Taking your business online can go a long way and reduce some of the overhead spent in a traditional brick and mortar business.  You have the ability to gain further reach and service people across the globe.  For example,  with a website, patients from all over the world can sign up for an online consultation customized to their health needs.

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