How would you feel if you knew your blog was annoying users? There’s a good chance you would like to fix the problem. However, you can‘t fix it unless you know it exits. Take a minute to find out if you’re guilty of any of these annoying blog habits.

No “About Me” Section

Blogs are meant to tear down walls and bridge the gap between customers and businesses, or bloggers and readers. That won’t work if you don’t have an “About Me” section set up on your blog. Your “About Me” section should include a picture, and it should tell people why you have the knowledge necessary to run the blog. If people don’t see an “’About Me” section, they won’t trust you, so they won’t stick around.

No Comments

This annoying trend is on the rise. Some blog owners don’t like what their readers have to say, so they disable the comments. That completely takes away the point of running a blog. You are supposed to interact with people. Keep your comments enabled and deal with negative comments if they come your way. Otherwise, your readers will go somewhere else so they can express themselves.

Lack of Original Content

More and more people are using their blogs to aggregate content. That’s fine, but you also need to provide your readers with something fresh and new. If you don’t, they will go elsewhere.

You can create original posts Monday through Thursday, and then post something from another blog on Friday. As long as you post original content most of the time, your readers won’t mind aggregated content here and there.

Too Much Selling

Some blog owners just try to sell. They spend all of their time and energy telling people to buy their products. Again, this is really annoying. If you’re always trying to sell something, you will lose your readers. Provide helpful content. That should be the point of your blog.

Bad Design

Bad design really annoys readers. They can’t stand not being able to find what they are looking for, so keep that in mind when looking at WordPress themes. Go with a theme that has a good design so you can keep your readers happy.

If you are annoying your readers, you still have time to fix it. Go through and make some changes and then see if your readers take notice. They might start interacting more, or maybe they will stick around and read more posts.

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