Protecting your brand is something that must play a very important role in any business plan. Failure to realize this could see the failure of your business!

In-house or outsource?

We will explain some key points relating to brand protection strategies, but suffice to say that whether you are just starting up, progressing by building up your brand, or are an established business that does not have in-house expertise it would be a very wise business decision to invest in the services offered by a professional company specializing in brand protection.

Protecting your brand from theft

Here are some key ways you can go about protecting your brand from theft:

Brand Trademark Registration

You should register your brand trademark(s) with the authorized authority in your country. By doing so you are distinguishing your company from competitors. Things covered in registration should include:

  • Logos
  • Pictures
  • Letters and Numbers
  • Any slogans you wish to protect
  • Sounds
  • Relevant colors

Content Copyright

Your online presence makes the implementation of a content strategy vital for business success. This means you should look at copyrighting all content including:

  • Videos
  • Images
  • Written words

By doing so you are preventing plagiarism and others stealing content from you.

Where deemed necessary, get a patent

Any company in the business of inventing and introducing new products to market should ensure they get a patent registered. Once this is in place it will mean that only your company has the exclusive right to manufacture products covered by that patent.

Be Alert

The use of legal channels as part of your brand protection strategy is thoroughly recommended, but you still need to be alert and on the lookout for anyone, anywhere on the globe who tries to use or steal your brand designs and ideas.

Any organization with an online presence can sign up for Google Alerts. This is a service that notifies you when someone steals and publishes copyright content. It can also inform you when your brand is mentioned on the web.

However, to be assured you are receiving comprehensive brand protection and full details related to any unauthorized use of your company identity you can take things a positive stage further.

This is by investing in the services offered by a recognized and qualified brand protection company. You can discover more from

Remember, the online world is global

We briefly touched on this above. It is vital for any online business to understand that threats to your brand do not just originate from your home country and that you need to cast your brand protection net far wider.

Consider registering trademarks and patents in other jurisdictions. This is particularly important if your intention is to open and operate a presence in particular locations outside of your home market.

Don’t leave things to chance

The issue of protecting your brand and your company image as well as rights is far too important to leave to chance.

It is not something you should put off until a rainy day! Brand protection strategies come in many guises and with differing effects. They must be seen as a consistent part of your business protection and progression.

If you are not ready to bring brand protection in-house, then a very sure and cost-effective way to achieve this is by using the services of a professional brand protection agency.

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