Affordable Search Engine Optimization

Our affordable Search Engine Optimization team provides a comprehensive affordable Search Engine Optimization strategy for businesses that are looking to target general keywords. Through search engine optimization, we can get your site to the first page of the search engines driving traffic and sales with organic results.

See the image below to understand the difference between the three areas of results on Google's engine based on local searches. Click on the image for a larger view.

Our SEO Programs

  • Marketing Process: Analysis, Content Optimization, Analytics Integration, More Analysis/Reporting/Tweaking
    Our marketing process involves several steps in getting your site where it needs to be. Our goal is usually to be independent for Pay-Per-Click ads, which saves cost in the long run. Success depends on time, analytics and content optimization. This process takes a few months depending on the competition of the keywords being targeted. Get your site optimized by keywords through our use of various methods of analysis, content optimization, classified ads, social networking and more. Price determined by competition and SEO effort.

    More services include:

    Keyword Research

    On Page Optimization

    SEO Page Burst

    Keyword Ranking Reports

    Link Building and Activity Reports

    Page Content & Interior Links

    Virtual Office
    For about $100/month, you can have your own virtual office with mailing address in virtually any city! For a one time cost of $200, have search engine visibility in virtually any city of your choice!

    Content Writing and Website Content Optimization
    H1, H2, H3 Title tags
    Keyword Density
    Word Count
    Image Title & Alt Tags
    Meta Title & Description
    Latent Semantic Indexing
    Site Architecture

  • Lead Generation
    What if you could rent out a 20-30k developed and search engine optimized website for only $500/month? Be on the top searches for a target city and surrounding cities, complete with an image icon to appear and attract customers on search results and a 5 star ranking.
  • Google AdWords and Pay-Per-Click
    The Google Pay Per Click marketing (also known as Adwords) requires you to pay each time someone clicks on the links shown. The more you bid for each click, the higher your ad appears in the shaded area. We can setup and manage your Adwords campaign.
  • Facebook Ads and Other Social Networking
    Starting at $100, start effectively building likes targeted toward a specific target demographic. Increase conversion – better to have 250 effective likes than 1 million fake, ineffective ones.
  • Wikipedia and Content Writing
    When you Google a large company or any encyclopedia term, what are the first results you see? If the company is established with any type of reputation, you will see that it has a Wikipedia page, and that page appears right below the business' actual webpage. Our writers will help you establish and develop your Wikipedia page to get you the credibility and visibility your business needs.
  • Classified Ads
    Get additional exposure with classified ads. Classified ad campaigns are a great way of exposing your business and quickly getting your business's name on the first page of Google and other major search engines. Through classified ads, we are able to reach out to various cities on classified ad directories, making your exposure both local and national. $20 per ad; includes setup
  • SEO and Marketing Training
    SEO upkeep is very important, or you can lose your place by competitors in your industry. We believe that it is important to train our clients on SEO upkeep and various marketing techniques that will help you increase business and traffic. Price is packaged or hourly.

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