Inbound Marketing Services

Our Inbound Marketing Services first and foremost, require development of an intelligent strategy to bring quality leads in.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing can be done through several means, like websites, making your company or product visible through search, through various tradeshow strategies, and through excellent design and presentation. My Own Marketing Group offers best in class talent and services to meet every client's needs. We work with the best to make you the best.

Our experts have best in class talent, and deliver to the highest standard.  We offer complete marketing solutions for every business and industry, from web marketing to printing to tradeshow setups and displays.  We are the solution to all your marketing needs.

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Freelance Web Designer

Let our Freelance Web Designer or web design team help you to design the website of your dreams, one that is rich in design and content, uses inbound marketing strategies, and is appealing and attracts target audiences. Once your website design is complete, let our search engine optimization team help you make your website easy to find, organize your layout and establish content and keywords that will be beneficial to your business for increased traffic and visibility.

Submit your requirements by filling out the form to the right and we will get back to you with a quote.

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Affordable SEO Services

Need Affordable SEO Services or a Local SEO Consultant? Want to be #1 on search engines for your product or service? Let our affordable SEO Services team or Local SEO Consultant boost your website for keywords detrimental to your business.

Based on your business and it's location, we will recommend an effective search optimization plan that's right for you. Our network of over 60 SEO experts, using various content optimization and link building techniques, will help us get you on the first page of Google, if not #1 on Google in little time.

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Tradeshow Displays

There is an inbound way to do tradeshows. We'll scope out your goals, identify call to actions, create dedicated landing pages, think of unique ideas, make things user friendly, and help create engagement. Our tradeshow team has it covered, from booth displays to booth babes. We have the fastest turnaround times with the best quality and services. We also have an event services division to cover corporate, tradeshow displays and private event planning. Our knowledgeable staff of planning experts turn your event content into reality. Whether your event is a showcase of new products and services or a private dinner party, My Own Marketing Group will provide the services you need to become a success.

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Famous Graphic Designers

One of our strengths is in designing masterpieces that bring in the attention of customers. My Own Marketing Group has the best design, media, and print talent on board, bringing best in class quality and effectiveness to any campaign. Our design and video gurus have produced everything from viral artwork to 15 million view videos on youtube. Our printing company delivers superior quality with print methods and services not offered by many other print companies. Our team caters to various celebrities and Fortune 500 companies with turnaround times unheard of and is a force in the industry to be reckoned with!

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Segmenting and Targeting Markets

Improve Your Existing Business with Segmenting and Targeting Markets!

Need to re-evaluate your current business marketing strategy? Need more quality leads? Looking at Segmenting and Targeting Markets? Targeting a market that needs your product or service is key! Our focused team of marketing analyst experts will share with you over 40 years of combined experience to get you and your business back on track. We'll help you define your target market, learn your target demographics, target geography and psychographic. Once we know who you are going after, we can design a strategy that works, a strategy that applies to your target.

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